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image  1 Jessica Helgerson - This dive into the JHID archives feels like an especially important one
January 18, 2023

This dive into the JHID archives feels like an especially important one. Several years ago, we completed a pro-bono project for a non profit that works with families experiencing homelessness. Their average client age is seven. 💔In the process of learning about the amazing work they do, I became inspired to start - to facilitate design community support of nonprofits working to end homelessness in the US. We set up a model that is incredibly easy to follow - you just add 1% to your invoices and give 1% of your own profits. Everything is vetted and processed through , and though they’re based in Oregon the donee doesn’t need to be here..Let’s face it. The discrepancy in wealth in the US is greater now than it was in France before the French revolution. It’s becoming increasingly impossible to stay afloat in a country with no public healthcare, a minimum wage you can’t live on, and little affordable housing. We, in our home-related professions, are at the epicenter of it, and have a great chance to give back. .So far, just JHID and along with one generous boost from a beloved client have been able to give $241,500! Imagine how huge that number could be if more of you joined us. ♥️.I’m leaving a link to website up in our profile. Feel free to DM me with questions. It doesn’t have to be this way. Kids, working folks, elderly people, HUMANS in this wealthy country shouldn’t be experiencing homelessness. But they are. And there’s something we can do about it. Hundreds of wonderful nonprofits are already set up to help, and our dollars go a long way in their capable hands. If you scroll through to the last page you’ll see what’s already been given. Wouldn’t it be great to do more? ♥️
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