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image  1 Somewhere I Would Like To Live - #Porcelain #Cameras by #mathieustern Once, The great Chinese Emper
December 14, 2022

#Porcelain #Cameras by "Once, The great Chinese Emperor Qianlong became fascinated by the art of photography. He was particularly enamored with the intricacies of the cameras and the beautiful images they produced. The Emperor was so taken with photography that he ordered his finest artisans to create a camera made entirely of porcelain. The artisans worked tirelessly to create a masterpiece that would please the Emperor. They carefully crafted each piece of the camera by hand, using the finest kaolin clay and the most delicate of designs. When the camera was finished, it was a thing of beauty. The blue and white porcelain shimmered in the light, and the intricate designs and details were truly breathtaking. The Emperor was delighted with the camera, and he immediately ordered his court photographer to use it to take portraits of him and his court. The resulting images were stunning, and the Emperor was so pleased with the camera that he ordered several more to be made for his court photographers. The porcelain cameras became a symbol of the Emperor's love for photography and his admiration for the artisans who had created them." via #somewhereiwouldliketolive...#architecture #interiordesign #interiors #アーキテクチャ #インテリア #архитектура #architecturephotography #arquitectura #interiores #deco #architettura #view #views #travel #travelphotography
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