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July 6, 2022

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We can be quite disconnected from nature, with most of the time spent in controlled interiors, such as the offices, shopping centres, and the homes, so the only real opportunity to engage with nature is on a weekend hike through a forest. But what if you can experience the same emotions and benefits of being in a forest at home? Biophilic design is a concept to increase the connection to the natural environment.

The term 'biophilia' was coined by Edward O. Wilson, and defined as "the urge to affiliate with other forms of life." When translated to architecture, it means the buildings should be celebrating the environment around them. While there are over 20 elements associated with biophilic design, in this video We focus on a few key principles to engage with nature in your home.

1. Light and Air - 1:26
2. Vegetation - 2:06
3. Water - 2:56
Sponsor - 3:36
4. Natural Materials and Colours - 5:19
5. Patina of Time - 6:16
6. Outdoor Space - 6:44
7. Relationship to Place - 7:21

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