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image  1 Justina Blakeney - I have had IBS for years
December 31, 2022

I have had IBS for years. In August, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. So, at that time, I decided to dramatically change my eating habits. One of my main strategies was to slow down, and listen to my body. I had an insight that my body sends me messages about what is good for me to eat, but I wasn’t slowing down enough, or being mindful enough, to hear the messages. For example, if I eat more slowly, and am paying attention, my body tells me when I’m full. Also, some foods, like dairy, give me a tiny bit of asthma— I can feel my throat tightening ever so slightly if I eat dairy. The shift I’ve made is to stop ignoring these signals and to instead, slow down and listen. My body and I are “working together” now to heal. As contrasted to the past where I often felt like I was trying to “control” my body.My meditation practice is also helping with this. (I meditate for about 15 minutes a day, everyday, and every few months I add another thirty seconds. I started with just five minutes a day.)I have days that are easier, and days that are tougher, and the holidays, of course, were extra challenging —being “self sovereign” (as my therapist says) and “listening to my body” in social situations is especially difficult—but here I am, over the holiday hump, and still listening, and feeling better. So much better. My IBS symptoms are about 70% improved and in January, I go back to see if my cholesterol levels are improved, too. This is the first time in my life I’ve taken this approach to healing myself and I’m finding it to be quite powerful so I thought I’d share. Our bodies hold so much wisdom. I am grateful for mine, and for the guidance I received to start to listen.✨ 🍄✨🌿
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