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image  1 Sarah Sherman Samuel - when I see this photo I see ALL the people behind bringing my #sss__atelier f
October 24, 2022

when I see this photo I see ALL the people behind bringing my furniture collection to life. spoiler: It is not a short list!to the growing constellation of creatives I’ve gotten to work with through all the facets & share the excitement with along the way, I’m forever grateful. when you work with people that are excited about their own craft it not only shows but is so beautifully contagious. from the craftsmen, fabricators, finishers, packaging designer and engineers to help realize the product to my team and the photographers, cheerleaders, friends (IRL & internet ones) and clients who trust my vision and allow me to create these pieces for their homes. thank you thank you! we all wear so many hats but for everything. & also for building out this corner of the showroom just in time for the shoot. you are gift & a professional hand holder. I couldn’t have done it without you & our year of walking meetings. the first michigan sss team member & life support. thank you for sticking with me for all the things you’ve brought to the sss team. forever grateful to get to sit next to you through it all. the angel behind atelier emails now who also kept my head afloat just when I needed for your extra well trained eyeballs for your insane talent & for always going the extra extra mile for running that extra mile along with daniel for lending a hand wherever is needed for the behind the scenes beauty you bring for always saving the day and being the best local vintage source Jenny, you’re not on instagram but best drapery zhusher & land lord a girl could ask for :) for jumping in quick to paint the wall & your willingness to change gears to save us from our drywall nightmares just in time for the shoot for our beautiful branding for designing our gorg site and for bringing our site to life & of course mimi & pop pop! for everything thanks to everyone but the alarm tech that fried our internet the week before launch 😂
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